Ornaments are what turn a tree into a Christmas tree. Whether they’re round, star-shaped, or feature unique themes, they make a special gift for anyone around Christmastime.

Christmas ornaments can tell a story of every Christmas past and be part of every Christmas in the future. If you want to help your parents, grandparents, or even your teachers have a merrier Christmas, you can take these printable Christmas ornaments and color them for everyone you love!

Ornament coloring page featuring a single intricate christmas bulb with a prominent star pattern, perfect for a christmas ornament printable

On this ornament coloring sheet, you have a beautiful round ornament with a star in the middle. With a Christmas ornament printable, it is entirely up to you which colors you will use and which art supplies to choose. Try colored pencils or markers to fill in those finer lines on this ornament coloring page.

Printable christmas ornaments sheet with two round ornaments and a teardrop-shaped christmas bulb coloring page design

We have more printable Christmas ornaments for you on our ornament coloring pages! This Christmas ornaments drawing features 3 beautiful ornaments. They’ll look beautiful on any tree when you color them in. Will you make them all match? Or will you make each one different? It’s up to you!

Christmas ornament coloring page showcasing a singular star-shaped design, ideal as an ornament coloring sheet for festive creativity

The Star of Bethlehem is features on this Christmas ornament printable. When you finish the Christmas bulb coloring page before this one, having a star-shaped ornament is the next one you need to help decorate for Christmas. You can use a yellow or gold crayon, and if you have some gold glitter, it may just be the best way to finish it off. Ask your parents to help you print out these Christmas ornaments coloring pages. They’re all free but you’ll want to be sure there’s enough paper to print out each ornament coloring page.

Detailed christmas ornaments coloring pages with a circular ornament adorned with stars and intricate patterns

Wow! Look at this Christmas ornament coloring page! The ornament is incredibly detailed with lots to color. You can make this Christmas ornament printable in traditional Christmas colors or do something different. When you have Christmas ornaments to color like this, it helps you stay busy and keep out of trouble. You want to stay on the “nice” list, don’t you? Then click the “Print This” button below this ornament coloring page to get started!

Ornaments coloring pages with a trio of elegantly patterned bulbs, ready for a splash of color on a christmas ornament coloring sheet

Do you know who would love this set of coloring Christmas ornaments? This one has Grandma written all over it. Use your best art supplies for these printable Christmas ornaments to make your own one-of-a-kind gift. There are more Christmas ornament coloring pages below too, so do your best work and then scroll down to find more Christmas tree decorations to colour.

Christmas ornament coloring page with a series of ornate decorations, featuring a floral centerpiece perfect for a christmas ornament printable

Our printable Christmas ornaments also include this ornaments coloring page with one beautiful ornament. This Christmas bulb coloring page has a round ornament with a poinsettia, that lovely flower of the holiday season. If you have pets, that kind of plant can be dangerous, but not a picture of it! You can color it red just like the real ones or explore other colors for this ornament coloring sheet.

Coloring christmas ornaments activity featuring a striking star within a larger star, on a single ornament coloring page

Star light, star bright, choose ornament coloring pages with stars to light the way for Santa and his sleigh. On this ornament coloring page, this twinkling star ornament is surrounded by other stars to help light up the night. Holiday lights are one of the most magical things about the holiday, so let’s see what you can do with this Christmas bulb coloring page!

A duo of christmas ornaments printable designs on a single ornament coloring sheet, showcasing swirling patterns and floral motifs

On this set of Christmas tree decorations to colour, you get to decide how to make them when coloring Christmas ornaments. This simple yet beautiful design can really come to life when you use your crayons on this Christmas ornaments drawing. It will be so pretty when you’re done that we’re sure your Mom will love to hang it up on the fridge.

Ornament coloring pages presenting a pair of christmas bulbs decorated with floral and starry details

This Christmas ornament coloring page is very unique. When choosing Christmas ornaments to color, a Christmas bulb coloring page like this provides a special ornament style. Don’t forget the little holly at the top of the ornament, then use your favorite Christmas colors to make it stand out. Printable Christmas ornaments are a great way to pass the time and make something special for someone you love.

A festive trio of christmas ornament coloring pages, each ornament featuring a unique design ready to be brought to life

This trio of ornaments on our Christmas bulb coloring page is going to be so much fun to color. Christmas ornament coloring pages allow you to design your own printable Christmas ornaments. If you have a printed Christmas tree, you can even cut these out once you’re done and stick them on it for a pretty way to help decorate your home for Christmas.

Christmas star ornament coloring page, featuring a large central star surrounded by smaller stars, creating a printable christmas ornament scene

Joy to the world for Christmas is coming! Do you have enough printable ornaments for everyone? There’s an easy solution for that when you print all of these Christmas ornaments coloring pages. This ornament coloring sheet features a beautiful star to help the three wise men find their way. Don’t forget about the other stars on this ornament coloring page and color in the background too to make them all stand out.

Twin christmas bulb coloring page designs on an ornament coloring sheet, each adorned with stars and stripes for holiday coloring

This Christmas bulb coloring page of printable ornaments has 2 ornaments to color. These ornaments have stars on them that will look amazing when you’re all done with your markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Who will you give these ornament coloring pages to when you’re finished? If you can’t decide, don’t worry because this Christmas ornaments printable is free, as are all of our ornaments coloring pages. As long as your printer has paper, you can print as many as you like!

Ornament coloring page featuring a solo christmas bulb with a floral star, ready as a christmas ornament printable for seasonal fun

Some ornament coloring pages like this one feature one big ornament. How will you design this ornament coloring sheet? You can make the flower in the center red and the rest of the ornament green, or go for your own favorite colors. Coloring Christmas ornaments allows you to express yourself and get ready for Christmas all at once!

Christmas ornament coloring sheet with multiple stars surrounding a central ornament, offering a galaxy of coloring potential

Printable Christmas ornaments like the one on this ornament coloring sheet can help you decorate for the holidays. We love how the star on this ornaments coloring page extends off the ornament itself, giving it a special look for Christmas. Something is missing though, and that’s color. With our printable Christmas ornaments, you can make special gifts for the ones you love. Choose this Christmas ornament coloring page and get started. Then finish the other Christmas ornaments coloring pages we have for you!

Ornament coloring pages presenting a complex pattern resembling winter frost, perfect for a detailed christmas bulb coloring page

There are so many fine details on this Christmas ornament coloring page that you may want to choose colored pencils to have better control of staying in the lines. When you’re done, it will be the prettiest Christmas bulb coloring page around. On our ornaments coloring page, you get to call all the shots for how you want to design it. Hit “Print This” below our printable ornaments to color this Christmas ornaments printable right now!

Christmas ornament coloring page with a serene floral pattern, inviting a calm coloring session on an ornament coloring sheet

This fun ornament coloring sheet has a more whimsical design to it to make it stand out from our other Christmas ornament coloring pages. Use this ornament coloring sheet when your parents tell you to find something to do. Christmas ornaments coloring pages are the best way to bust boredom. Not only will you have something to keep you occupied but you’ll also move to the top of that “nice” list for listening to your parents.

Printable christmas ornaments featuring two bulbs with floral stars, doubling the fun on a single christmas ornaments coloring page

If you really want to keep busy, choose this Christmas bulb coloring page. It features printable ornaments with lots of details to fill in. With printable Christmas ornaments like these, you have to take your time to do a good job. Which of these printable ornaments will you start with – the one on the top or the one on the bottom? It’s your choice on this Christmas ornament coloring page, just like all of these ornaments coloring pages!

Ornament coloring page resembling frost patterns, offering a unique christmas ornament coloring sheet for the holiday season

You’re going to love this Christmas bulb coloring page! There are so many details on this Christmas ornament coloring page that you may not be sure where to start. Focus on the center of the ornament and work outward, making sure to get the holly leaves at the top. Printable Christmas ornaments allow you to make stunning decorations that can help your parents get ready for Christmas. You can make printable ornaments for them or for Santa too!

Modern christmas ornament printable design on a coloring page, showcasing bold swirls and festive flair

Christmas is always a time that swirls by, filled with family, gifts, lights, and treats. On this Christmas ornament coloring page, this modern style of ornament will really liven up the tree. Make sure you color all Christmas ornament coloring pages with these printable ornaments to help decorate your home in your own unique style.

The concluding ornament coloring sheet in the series, with a lavish circular design filled with waves and floral patterns for a christmas ornament coloring page

Our last Christmas ornament coloring page is one of our favorite Christmas ornament coloring pages! The beautiful poinsettia in the center can help you spread Christmas cheer. Color it red and make the swirls around it green like the leaves, or make this Christmas ornament coloring page in different colors that you want to see. Our ornament coloring pages are completely free to print out. This means you can print our ornaments coloring pages out as many times as you’d like, whenever you feel like coloring for Christmas.

When you need a Christmas ornament coloring page, this is the right place to be. If you finish all ornament coloring pages, we have other sections of printable coloring pages you can choose to fit your mood!